2017 Suqian Eco-Quadrathlon 

Suqian is a place of flatness and quite warm when the sun comes out this time of the year. If the clouds cover we are look at a day averaging 24 degrees Celsius but if the sun shines then we have the burn and temperature of over 30 degrees. 


Not so cloudy:

Above is the view from our massive hotel which in the past we’ve had to abseil off but not this year. 


2km swim (starts in far the side of above photo and finishs at Ferris wheel)

128km mountain bike (described as all on road and flat and two laps of a 64km loop)

55km kayaking on the lake. (Known from previous times here as a hot and isolate place to be)

43km road/park run (navigation by GPS coordinates and a terrible satellite photo map)
The course ‘map’: 

So the red line is the long kayak, the light blue line is the ‘MTB’ loop and the yellow dotted circle is the mystery run course.

Competing again with my great team of Hamish Fleming, Simone Maier and Marcel Hagener.

Top 8 teams:

We know what to expect from this course despite it being a new course to last time, the previous years were different but not by much. 

We especially know what mistakes we have made in the past and therefore have a solid plan to ensure this day goes smoother than ever.

Race starts at 6:30am on Sunday 3rd September (10:30am NZ time)

Here’s some photos from the last few days here:

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