‘Sam’ Update and upcoming China adventure racing coverage

Where am I and what the hell am I doing? Winter has finished here in NZ, but the warm weather can’t come soon enough so Wednesday 3September (one day away) I fly to China to catch the aftermath of their Summer. The NZ fresh air will be sorely missed but the thrill of racing again and racing with my awesome team mates is higher regarded right now.

Where is my training and fitness at? Some big bick sessions for endurance: E.g Racing trail Half marathon, 100km+ cycle home, then paddle K1 in harbour for 1.5hours. And  sessions for power/speed: Intervals, Hill reps, Farlek.

A new purchase of a indoor cycle trainer in May has meant for many boring sessions indoors.

Despite that, Ive missed so many sessions due to commitments such as work and volunteering myself that it is clear I am (as usual) not at the level I had planned to be. Never the less i’m still looking forward to kicking arse in China as I am still feeling strong.

China – I will, for once, provide daily updates. Of each event.

Event Number one is The Suqian Luoma Lake Challenge: a Non stop four person adventure race. Final event details were released last night as well as a map that proves this event to be rather unique from the others and mind numbingly boring.

2km lake swim, 20km Kayak, 20km inline skate, 58km Mountain Bike, 2km run/abseil, 35km Kayak, 60km Mountain bike, 40km run.

whoop whoop. Check out the amazing country side we get to experience over this long distance: click on it for full size…

Not quite a 'coast to coast' format. Looking forward to lake swim...not
Not quite a ‘coast to coast’ format. Looking forward to lake swim…not

Racing with Super team Oso Negro: Ailsa Rollinson, Hamish Fleming and Luke Osborne.

That will take place 6th-7th Spetember so update should be here by 8th ( this sunday night/monday).


The Second Event is The Taining Outdoor Challenge. Sepember 14th,15th, 16th, 17th. Updates available each night (4hours behind so quite late for NZers). Course unknown but 5-7hours expected each day.

Two person team racing in Taining so I will be racing with the invincible Marcel Hagener. An honour to race with such a reputable athlete.

Yes! Oso Negro have finally made the podium
Podium for previous China event. Marcel stands on number one (far left), I stand on Number three (far left). United we are, and win we shall.

On a final note. The Auckland Multsport Championships have been recently invented.

See http://www.wcmc.org.nz/amc/ for full details.

The first event up is The South Head Challenge, October 5th. On the first weekend back from China (Sep 20th), me other experienced club members will be offering a FREE session to anyone who has interest in doing this event and mulitsport in general. Ranging from nutrition, designing your own training program, transitions and one on one paddling technique. All based at the Waitemata Canoe and Multisport Club in Te Atatu. Like the Club, or The South Head Challenge Facebook pages for more info.





Being in Auckland means lots of sponsors, which means LOTS of spot prizes and prize money!


Enough of that. time to pack.

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